[English] Organization of special Krav Maga sessions

Organizing a Krav Maga session in your school or dojo / Opening a local branch

Who will your coach be and what will you be taught ?

The most efficient and doable techniques will be taught during the session.

We do not promote pompous certificates or diplomas, ranks, photos with famous Masters or theoretic speeches. However, we do promote practical field experience and professionalism.

Our clubs offer you varied dynamic training or physical preparation, but also mental and physical reinforcement as well as simple down to earth self-defense techniques, easily usable in real life. Those techniques are the result of a 25 years practice of various martial arts and 15 years of teaching.

All classes are taught by Ofir, Hagana System founder and 6th Dan in Krav Maga. And he of course speaks english fluently !

A short overview of topics :

• Defense against bare hand attacks (strangling, hits, threats…)
• Reacting under threat or knife attack and cutting objects
• Disarming a dangerous person putting you other people at risk
• Reacting under pressure
• Physical reinforcement (taking into account physiologic and anatomic particularities)
• Defense against attacks with stick/baseball bat
• Using every day objects for defense
• Defending another person
• Self defense on the ground
• Reacting against violent attacks (car jacking, home jacking, etc)
• One common target for all
• Building self confidence and managing you stress

Contact us for more details !

In order to organize a Krav Maga session in your country, become a Hagana instructor ou represent Hagana System, please feel free to contact us.

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